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I am having peeps over for pre sabbat goodness at 9pm. Stop by if you can.


Mar. 28th, 2009 03:00 pm
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I have a FREE Full Size Mattress, Box Spring, and some sheets to go with it. Available to anyone that will pick it up. It even has the roll around wheels. :)

Also, someone left a trench coat at the house. If you can describe it, it's probably yours.
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Denise is in town, and we will be hosting Pre-Sabbat goodness at 8pm. Heading to club in cabs around 10:15

Be there!
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I'm heading to OC to see Coldplay, and am going to have a couple hours to burn before the concert. Anyone up there want to do a quick dinner? I'm not even sure who lives near Orange County. :-/

Any help figuring out who is up there...
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So My home runs Vista, XP and Macintosh computers... but I have to say I'm tired of the old XP blue and green. So I was happy to find a Royale Noir theme that was actually released by Microsoft, and doesn't require any additional bloatware to install. Check it out and make your Windows XP look all DARK!

She also links to the Zune theme, which seems quite fitting for Halloween... Its ORANGE AND BLACK!
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Not sure how motivated I'll be... but anyone up for movies this Monday 7:15?

Fri, Oct 3: (1:55 4:35)7:10 9:45
Sat, Oct 4 - Sun, Oct 5: (11:20)1:55 4:35 7:10 9:45
Mon, Oct 6 - Thu, Oct 9: (1:55 4:35)7:10 9:45

VP debates

Oct. 2nd, 2008 08:10 am
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I don't think I can sit through the train wreck alone. Going to head to Edgar + Pooka's.
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Drinks moved to kevins ... 8pm ish
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In the address bar of a new tab, type in 'about:internets' and you will get a blank page that either says "The tubes are clogged", or a 'pipes' screensaver saying "Don't clog the Tubes".

Please report your mileage.
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Well, this is a short post to just say that BM, my friends, the RV, all ROCKED hard core at Burning Man!

This year I drove up in my own RV with Edgar as my Co-Pilot (greatest co-pilot eva'). And besides getting there a day early, and sitting in a Wal-Mart parking lot... and having a all day 'white-out' sand storm on Monday and Saturday... it was AMAZING FUN.

*Wal-Mart tailgating... is um' yeah.
*White-out sand storms make for great times in the RV! AC+Fridge+Alchohol+Friends=Crazy Fun
*Forgot to turn on Propane for Fridge... DOH
*Great Playa gifts from NICI13
*Getting loaded and taking pictures of DIRT... yeah that loaded. Thanx Pooka+Adam for hanging with me
*Thunderdome - nuff' said
*Sand dunes on the Playa sux
*Opulent Temple + Nexus + and some crazy Electro House / Pulse club til 5am
*Santa Costume is to hot for the Playa
*Nobody saw me in my kilt... muhaha
*Yeah for Hadessa making it out to BM and not in Jamaica
*Congrats Denise. :-P (ask her)
*Riding on the Purple Palace art car / mobile club (highlight)
*24 year olds make me laugh out loud. They really do have all the answers.. NOT!
*Finger Nail painting everyone I met.
*Amberverts Wild Saloon
*Pancake Camp goodness!
*4 hour exodus!
*New way to get from Gerlach to Bishop was a total find, and zero traffic.
*Getting to 'real' world and having someone appreciate my Charlie Brown shirt..

Pix to come on

Give me some time...

Going to a club tonight down at Sheraton at the Bay!
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Looks like I will have one extra ticket for burningman. If you are interested, or know someone that might know me and is interested in going... please pass on the good word.

I'm trying to sell this to someone in San Diego, with the hopes that they need a ride up and want to share gas costs. :-)

More details if someone is seriously interested. Reply, or message me on MySpace/Facebook or email.
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Luckly you will see we were travelling in a Mini, and could have parked two of them in the space left by this ass-hat
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Black Rock City 2008
Originally uploaded by DangerRanger
YEAH! Pictures of where the playa will be are out.
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Well I have had my iPod for just only 2 weeks, and have been plagued with hangs while installing applications, only to have to reset the device (holding Power/Home for 5 seconds) several times a day.  To the point, it just no longer would boot up, and sat just at the Apple Logo.  So digging around I found out how to restore your iPod Touch to the factory default... and for me, it restored to my already purchased 2.0 version of the iPod.

You could always try restoring your iPod to factory settings:
1) Press and hold both the Home button and the Power button for a couple of seconds. It should reboot and show the Apple logo. Do not let go.
2) When the logo comes up, release the Power button. You should only be pressing the Home button now.
3) After one or two seconds, the original image that was presented on the iPod when you turned it on for the first time will show up: the iTunes logo with a sync cable underneath it.
4) Connect the iPod to iTunes. It will ask you to restore the iPod. Say yes and begin the whopping 150MB download for the iPod restore app.
5) Wait a couple of minutes until it does it's thing, then rejoice.
PS: I suggest you get yourself a drink and a snack while it downloads and while it installs.
Good luck!

Originally posted by Ramcosca on

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Comicon booth setup is going very smoothly... Even without AC there is no Fanboy Funk.
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People are already steaking out spots on university... Folding chair on every shoulder and some with easy up shade. Crazy parade
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I can't wait for this to ship, when it does, I know I'm going to lose time playing it... versus WoW. :-P


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Yes, I am a geek, but 1 day after complaining about this with Cris, the legions of the Burning Crusade have given it up!
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