Mar. 17th, 2008

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Fri: [profile] evil_dave_2  and I went out to Benigans(sp?) for dinner, and to celebrate? or anti-celebrate all the bad things that happened on Thursday (see his posts). The wait wasn't to long, and they had AWESOME smitty on tap, and a Cornbeef and cabbage special just for St. Patrick's day. That started off the weekend of drinking and eating Cornbeef with EVERY SINGLE MEAL.

Sat: [profile] cr1stina  came by in the morning and we headed out to catch up with Justin V and gang for St. Patrick's day fun. Starting with Breakfast at City Deli on 6th + University. Then when walking back to the car, we made the wise decision to just walk all the way to the Parade. Got there just in time to see the Firetrucks pass... but enough time for Cristina to check out and almost catcall out to the guys in the truck. Made our way quickly to the Beer garden, which was nothing but tasty goodness on tap... very small glasses, but thats probably not a bad thing. I _WILL_ put a bunch of pictures on Flickr tonight. I already uploaded some videos on YouTube. Check out the Bag Pipes, Parade, and Bonnie dancing.

After the Parade, Cristina and I split off from the group and headed up to [profile] kambrieloktober + Cybian's for Killian's first birthday.  Actually purchased my first gift for a kids party in 4+ years.  I was pretty happy.  I hope it works out alright, I chose the might be fun for a 1-2 year old, and not the LETS MAKE LOTS OF NOISE toy.  I wanted to get invited back to BDay #2. :)  Had good eats up there, and saw [personal profile] wyngdlyon and her new baby boy.  Was good times.  Was able to get Troy to give me a ride back to my place, since Cristina was heading up to Justin's party.

Picked up [profile] evil_dave_2 and then [profile] aiki70 to head up to my friend Declan's house.  His wife makes the BEST corned beef + cabbage.  We got there and they had the works out.  Tons of good food, and drinks.  We hung out for a couple hours, and then cruised back down to get ready for De Sade.

Saw bunches of peeps, was the D.D. for the night, and danced a bunch.  Finally remembered Sarah's name, and got asked "So are you more into Industrial or Dark Wave"... (dave was impressed), I said I'm more into VNV + Assemblage 23... EBM stuff.

Sun: Being that I was not hung over.  Got up and did Laundry, Dishes, Cleaned my Room, and played some WoW (what a surprise).  I was able to get some time in with my Slut Paladin (Centual)... and had to drop group and logout for the first time in my life.  Some R-Tards that were 4 levels above us, thought they could solo Elites, and kept pulling 2 groups on us.  We lived the first couple times, but completely wiped 4 times.  One time, the Alliance were camping the entrance to the instance, so we would run back, only to get killed before we could get back into our dungeon.  *sigh*  There was more to it than that.  But I was frustrated.  So I went and played on another server, where another set of my co-workers play.  That was fun for a while, actually got my mage to 62.  Still need him to be 64, so he can start getting some sweet Jewelcrafting recipies.

Made the mistake of having Sparks and Girl scout cookies for lunch.  NEVER doing that again, I imagine I'd end up in the hospital again.

My friend Jimmy and his Girl Friend stopped by, she is looking for a place to live... at around the same time Dave moves out.  So we went through the house, talked about pet peeves, and schedules and stuff.  She works as a bartender at Lancer's and we have pretty opposite schedules.  So it seems like it could work out well.  During the conversation, it came up that she used to goto Shooterz a bit. :)  So there was talk of music swapping also being part of the deal.   Cool chick, we will chat in a couple weeks after she and Jimmy get back from their vacation.

Ended the night by logging in and playing some WoW again with [profile] cr1stina, got my Shaman up to level 20, and Ghost Form, which lets me run around 40% faster.  Her peeps ran me through a dungeon so I could get 2 quests finished.  *good times*.  They all hate that I'm a COW (Tauren).  Which cracks me up, so I run around going "Moooooo".
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I'm looking into buying a used Motorhome (27') from a friend.  Its got a generator already, not sure about AC.  But wanted to see if anyone had any tips for me on "things to look out for", and also, where the hell I could rent a space to keep it, that didn't cost as much as the monthly loan payment.


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