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Here Ye Here Ye...

Let it be known that on Thursday May 29th, at 11pm, Centual, a Blood Elf Paladin on Gul'dan, reached level 70.

In an epic battle in the Shadow Labyrinth the group battled through all the Orcs and Demons and on the last Orc before battling Murmur, Centual *dinged* to 70.  In addition to completely murdering Murmur, several nice blue items were picked up and given to Centual.

The great work of the members of Evil Reincarnate really made this possible.

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stain B gone
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Many of you have been to my house, and become good friends with what was my livingroom stain. Infact a couple of you might have added to the stain growing over the years.

Well... it is GONE! Yes... Gone!!!! Ok, so a little is visible, but OMG, it looks so much better.

Thank you [[Nici13]]
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Having first pitsyop in RV... Driving has been good. Ready for a quick nap. On I-99 south ... Yosemite Ave exit.
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Didnot know gas pumps stop at 75$. Maxed it 3.5 times filling RVs tank.
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Just did first walk thru of RV... Its amazing. Tomorrow is driving class and trip to Walmart
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7 cats adopted today... 4 of them after my shift... Im here an hour longer than usual... Wiped out. Hyper adopters are scary.
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dave i thought you could gimp yourself into this.
a photo for evil dave 2


Apr. 29th, 2008 09:07 am
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I can't tell you what a shitty mood i'm in today. I just wanted to share that with everyone. I must be male PMS'ing. Go ahead and push my buttons today and see what it gets you.

Traffic was the last straw, seriously at a couple points I wanted to just pull over and YELL, Stomp around and just sleep. All at the same time.

Some accident near UCSD had the 5 backed up to the I-8 in slow traffic. Lookie Loo's and a news camera crew were there to record the event so I can get mad again later.

My coffee is finally cooled down enough that I can have that, and I'll soon be in my happy place.

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Bonnie bought ticjkets 2 months before we met... and ended up in seats right infront of me. small small world.
def leppard

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Originally uploaded by URKOURSUS
Went to Tractor Room for a Chimay and Aventinus beer tasting and dinner. I have to say the food was amazing. We had 3 courses each with different beer served with it. I only drank 1/2 of my beers since they were so strong and I didn't want to be stuck there all night.

All and All it was an amazing time. Great company, great food, and amazing beer.


Apr. 15th, 2008 03:11 am
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So its now 3am. I went to bed shortly after 12, and woke up 1:50am. Stayed in bed for another 30 minutes to just decide to get up. I have futs around with the computer, popped into WoW (only to get kicked out for maintenance), and now am catching up on LJ.


In happier news... Picking up one hot girl for lunch tomorrow... SUSHI!
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Having a geek fest at Interact08.. Met david lemson and wu; director of RTC... Very technical and knowledgable grop. YEAH

Snail Joke

Apr. 7th, 2008 04:27 pm
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I have two things that make me smile with this cartoon.

*"Wheeeeee" - u have to have heard my greatest joke ever
*"Helmet"... helmet.... helmet!
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pussy wagon....
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Dave and I are having a pre-party before Ascension on this Saturday. Come by the house anytime before 8pm. :) Bring a drink or not, but please don't bring beer, unless its Boddington. :)

This Saturday April 5th is Ascension's 2 year anniversary at the Kava Lounge. Come celebrate with us! DJs Robin Roth and Tom King, plus our special guest this month is DJ Ladynoir. We'll be giving away copies of new releases from Hocico, Mission Of Burma and more. $5 Gothic Rose and Dirty Stilettos.
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