Sep. 1st, 2008

sdtj: (Trust Bald Christ)
Well, this is a short post to just say that BM, my friends, the RV, all ROCKED hard core at Burning Man!

This year I drove up in my own RV with Edgar as my Co-Pilot (greatest co-pilot eva'). And besides getting there a day early, and sitting in a Wal-Mart parking lot... and having a all day 'white-out' sand storm on Monday and Saturday... it was AMAZING FUN.

*Wal-Mart tailgating... is um' yeah.
*White-out sand storms make for great times in the RV! AC+Fridge+Alchohol+Friends=Crazy Fun
*Forgot to turn on Propane for Fridge... DOH
*Great Playa gifts from NICI13
*Getting loaded and taking pictures of DIRT... yeah that loaded. Thanx Pooka+Adam for hanging with me
*Thunderdome - nuff' said
*Sand dunes on the Playa sux
*Opulent Temple + Nexus + and some crazy Electro House / Pulse club til 5am
*Santa Costume is to hot for the Playa
*Nobody saw me in my kilt... muhaha
*Yeah for Hadessa making it out to BM and not in Jamaica
*Congrats Denise. :-P (ask her)
*Riding on the Purple Palace art car / mobile club (highlight)
*24 year olds make me laugh out loud. They really do have all the answers.. NOT!
*Finger Nail painting everyone I met.
*Amberverts Wild Saloon
*Pancake Camp goodness!
*4 hour exodus!
*New way to get from Gerlach to Bishop was a total find, and zero traffic.
*Getting to 'real' world and having someone appreciate my Charlie Brown shirt..

Pix to come on

Give me some time...

Going to a club tonight down at Sheraton at the Bay!


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